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We now offer two ways of referral system :

Firstly, using your VeryGames Card.
If a new member order on our website using the number of your VeryGames Card (referral code), you earn 50% of the monthly amount of his first order, in Tokens. Your referee will have an immediate discount of 10% on his order.
NOTE : not valid with TOKENS payment method.

Then, with visibility on your website.
If you add a VeryGames banner on your website with the HTML link provided by VeryGames, each new registered customer on our website who clicked on your banner will be registered as sponsored by you.
By sponsoring a new customer, you earn 50% of his monthly amount spent in Tokens (on first purchase only). This works even if the new registered customert does his first rental several weeks after his inscription.
Example : if a customer that you have referred, rents a DediGames PRO 24/24 Option for 1 month (59.78$), that will give you :
44.99 x 50% = 22.49
22.49 Tokens will be paid back to you
Example of banner to use on your website :
When you click on the HTML code button, a pop up appears with the code. You only have to copy the HTML code then paste it on your website, forum...
Example :
"Your ID" will be automatically generated by VeryGames and allow visitors clicking on your banner, to connect to the VeryGames website as a referee. During his first purchase you will receive 50% of the monthly amount spent by your referee, in Tokens.
"ban_VG_234x60.png" is the name of the picture that you are going to integrate with its size. VeryGames offers a wide selection of banners and logos for easier integration.

Questions ?
Send us an email via the contact form. We will be happy to answer as soon as possible.