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Mumble ULL is THE voice server.
Ultra fast and optimum sound quality.
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  • 450 Gbps DDoS protection included
  • Customizable DNS Alias, with more than 40 domains
  • No codec restrictions
  • Change your offer when you want
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fr France (France)
eu Germany, Switzerland, Eastern Europe (Strasbourg)
eu UK, Belgium, Irland, Northern Europe (Roubaix)
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Ultra Low Latency

Mumble ULL is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming !
VeryGames Mumble ULL servers are installed on optimized machines to reduce latency and increase the stability.
This software is great for players, and by the way used by the Team VeryGames.

Exceptional voice quality.

Mumble ULL includes a specially designed filter to remove noise. You hear your speakers as if he was in the same room as you !

An Open-Source Software

Open-Source means the source code of the program is public and can therefore be improved by all. The positive points are regular updates and changes. The sleek design of the software makes it as light as possible, to take the minimum resources on your computer.
There are several skins available to customize your Mumble ULL.

An advanced admin panel

Manage your server easily with a simple click.
Reinstall or change your server offer at any time. VeryGames also make you a Mumble Viewer available!

Support et community

Our technical team is at your disposal for any problems or questions.

You can also find answers to your questions on our VeryGames forum or on our IRC channel #verygames where many server admins will help you to solve your problems.
Tutorials are also available on the VeryWiki VeryWiki.

Download the last version of Mumble ULL ICI


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