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Order Description
MMO Pack is the first pack dedicated to MMO players and guilds!
A voice server of your choice, a web hosting, and even a domain name!
1- Select your vocal server
Mumble Mumble ULL Teamspeak3 Teamspeak 3
2- Select the voice server details
Rental period :
Wanted offer :
3- Add options to your voice server
No option(s) for this product, for the moment
4- Select the rental location of your voice server
fr France (France)
gb United Kingdom (London)
eu Germany, Switzerland, Eastern Europe (Strasbourg)
5- Choose a name for your website
Enter a name and choose a domain Check availability
http:// .

6- Choose Web hosting details
7- Choose your domain name
Do you want a Domain Name?
WARNING : only for rentals of 3 months and more.
Yes No
8-Order now the MMO Pack

WARNING: Rates are displayed at the current exchange rate. It is possible that for certain types of payments, a difference appears at payment.
An offer adapted to the MMO communities needs

The "MMO Pack" offer has been specially created to meet the demand of the MMO (massively multi-player) communities and guilds.
With this package, all the services you need are integrated a very advantageous rate!

Included : a voice server, web hosting, VeryGames subdomain, and in option a domain name.

The package offers many combinations : you can choose the size of your storage space, the type and number of slots of the voice server, adding a domain name ...
Above all, you can change the offer at any time, to change all elements of the rental (except domain name), without extra cost!
The voice server of your choice!

VeryGames is one of the leaders in Europe for voice servers hosting, which ensures quality and optimal server stability.
VeryGames offers you the choice to choose between four key products depending your requirements : Mumble ULL, Shockvoice ULL and TeamSpeak (2 and 3).
All compression codecs are available.
Admin panel are integrated directly into your VeryGames panel.
They allow you to add, change, or delete an administrator, manage his access and even reinstall your server by a simple click.
A quality web hosting

  • Disk space choice : you will always be able to change your offer, to adapt it to your needs of disk space.
  • Single FTP access : control all your website data with a single FTP access (including Apache logs).
  • 1 MySQL Database : you will have a database, with a maximum size of 100MB.
  • PhpMyAdmin Pre-installed : this tool will allow you to manipulate your database very easily.
  • PHP4 / PHP5 : the latest Web technologies PHP are available on the hosting.
  • the "AutoWebsite"tool allows you to set up in a few clicks pre-installed websites.
  • A disk space monitoring will help you to quantify your storage needs, with complete graphics.
If you do not buy your own domain name, VeryGames offers you a subdomain ( You can change it anytime.
With a domain name it’s more pro !

By purchasing a domain name on , you will be able to install it very easily on you web sites hosted by VeryGames.
No technical needs, all is very simple and automated !

y purchasing a domain name on VeryGames, you will be able to customize the connection address of all your servers (game servers, voice servers).
Example : if you buy the domain "" , you will be able to create the following aliases (depending your needs and the servers you have) :
Sure, you can customize all the aliases name, and the number of aliases is not limited. It's so simple !

If needed, you will be able to create an alias to an external IP (not owned by VeryGames).
It it useful if you want to use the domain with a website not hosted by VeryGames, or to an other server.

Note that VeryGames Company is the owner of the domains. The domains can not be transferred to an other registrar.
Support and community

Our technical team is at your disposal for any problems or questions.
You can also find answers to your questions on our VeryGames forum or on our IRC channel #verygames where many server admins will help you to solve your problems.
Tutorials are also available on the VeryWiki..


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