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Order Description
1- Select server details
Rental period :
Wanted offer :

  • You have the choice between a Private or a Public server
  • Choose of Tickrate 64 - 66 - 100 - 128 -
    1 000 - 10 000
    (according to the game)
  • 20 GB Disk Space
  • Plugins and config management*
  • FTP access*
  • Limited plugins : NO
  • Multigames system : YES (180 games included)
  • Server availability: 3 minutes after payment validation
  • Exclusive VeryGames panel
  • Manage your server in live*
  • Easy to use and complete configuration of your server
  • Create your customized Maplist in a few clicks*
  • Manage admins and banned*
  • Automated change offer
  • Auto-plugin system : YES*
  • Console to send remote commands*

*If supported by the installed game

2- Add options
Personal Mirror Allows you to get a mirror download faster than you can synchronize at any time.
+1 GB - 1.06$
Allow you to increase your storage space.
3- Select your default game

4- Select your server location
fr France (France)
eu UK, Belgium, Irland, Northern Europe (Gravelines)
eu Germany, Switzerland, Eastern Europe (Strasbourg)
5- Choose a voice server

Do you want to rent a voice server ?
Yes No
6- Choose a name for your website

Would you like to rent a web hosting ?
Yes No
7- Choose your domain name
Do you want a Domain Name?
WARNING : only for rentals of 3 months and more.
Yes No
8- Order this server now
Summer Sales !
-15 % !

WARNING: Rates are displayed at the current exchange rate. It is possible that for certain types of payments, a difference appears at payment.

High quality Game Server

Your Game Server will be hosted on a server equipped with the latest-generation processor (QuadCore and Hexacore).
Change your number of slots depending your needs (you can increase or decrease the number of slots at anytime with our offer changing system).
Over 180 games available. Install and switch games anytime within a few seconds with our multigames / multimods system.
The maximum resources per server is one core and 2GB of RAM.

Advanced admin panel

Manage your server in a few clicks.
Access your game server log from your VeryGames admin panel.
Reinstall or change your server offer at any time.


  • Upgrade to our DediGames offer at anytime.
  • A HLTV / SourceTV server to film and record your matchs.
  • Autoplugins : automatically install and configure your addons and plugins from your panel choosing from a list of the best plugins (only for some games).
  • Dedicated IP for your GameServer.
  • Change your game server port anytime (27015 default).
  • A uniq FTP access for instant access to your websites and game servers.
  • Psychostats 3.1 : statistics tool to rank the players level on your server.
  • Creating secondary FTP accounts with limited rights to allow a shared management of your server.

Choose your voice server

Mumble ULL and Teamspeak 3 are both used for matchs, trainings, or tournaments. They allow you to speak with your team in optimal conditions.
VeryGames offer you the choice to choose between these two key products depending your requirements. The Mumble ULL and Teamspeak 3 admin panel are integrated directly into your VeryGames panel. They allow you to add, change, or delete an administrator, manage his access and even reinstall your server by a click.

Web hosting

  • A disk space from 2GB to 100GB with a 100MB mysql database is available to create your websites (*mixed with the games server). All our web hosting have PHP5 enable.
  • An Internet address like: is provided.
  • You can create a DNS alias if you have a domain name.
    You can also rent a domain name from the VeryGames Store.
  • Our Autowebsite feature will allow you to install Nuked-Klan in one click.
  • PHPmyAdmin interface is available from your panel, which allows you to manage your database easily.

A domain name

By purchasing a domain name on, you will be able to install it very easily on you web sites hosted by VeryGames.
You will be able to customize the connection address of all your servers (game servers, voice servers).
No technical needs, all is very easy and automated !

Support and community

With over7500 servers rented, VeryGames is the European leader of Game Servers hosting.

Our technical team is at your disposal for any problems or questions.
You can also find answers to your questions on our VeryGames forum or on our IRC channel #verygames where many server admins will help you to solve your problems.
Tutorials are also available on the VeryWiki.


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